it’s obvious, of course!

9 06 2008

i’ve been beginning to notice a troubling trend.

overuse of the word “obvious”, or “of course”.

It has begun to be placed in front of the most mysterious statements. To the listener or hearer, this overuse is offensive. When everything is “obvious”, those to whom the fact is new feel out of the loop, unintelligent.

“Step one, obviously, is to…”, “That cant be done, because obviously it will…”, “Of course that option is the best because..”

Stop these statements of presumption and arrogance. If something is so obvious, why say it at all?

Another overused word that seems to be annoying some is absolutely:

“Funnily enough, it is frequently used incorrectly too. It seems that nothing can be freezing, ridiculous, amazing, wonderful, refreshing etc.etc. without it being to the absolute degree.” 1

Stop exploiting these words!