Peas Please!: Lint of the naval

17 06 2008

Peas Please!, where we whinge and whine about things we’d like to see, but will never get. If you listen to mugglecast, you’d call it ‘Gimme a butterbeer’.

Nowadays, people want stuff. And lots of it. Money, power, sex, fame and drugs. But the thing that hits me, sometimes stronger than the immorality of society, is the unwillingness to work for such things!! Far from the concept of serving one another, people are becoming too lazy to even serve themselves. It horrifies me that people won’t walk down the street, make a phonecall, or even press a button. The most perfect example of such laziness presents itself to me every single day.

Moon-Unit (who’s name has been changed for protection from ninjas) exclaims, each morning, his life-long urge to own a (dare i say) rather useless appliance (let’s call it a belly-button brush). But what does he do? Sit back and wait for a miracle. Honestly, Moon-Unit is going to have a lot of belly-button lint if he doesn’t act like a zirtec.

So today’s lesson? Not much. Nothing more than to express my frustration at the laziness of society, and it’s unwillingness to do anything about it. I still remain shocked that Al-Qaeda (who’s training manual i have been reading) members are willing to kill themselves for a result they will not see, yet we often [insert explanation about Vogans saving grandmas] for not much at all.

Eric, slayer of magical beasts