Frozen Peas: Magna Carta

15 06 2008

The segment where we look at the past:

The King John Rap 

King John ruled England in 1215 

An unpopular man, lazy and mean. 

Imagine him pacing his castle’s tall tower 

Believing he had absolute power. 

Absolute power. 

Absolute power. 

King John believed he had absolute power. 

John wanted to rule in Poitou in France. 

He needed much cash to give it a chance; 

So John taxed his barons to pay for the fight, 

But the barons said, ‘No! You don’t have the right.’ 

‘You don’t have the right!’ 

‘You don’t have the right!’ 

The barons told John, ‘You don’t have the right!’ 

‘I’m the king,’ answered John. ‘I can do what I like. 

I can tax – I can kill – put your head on a spike. 

I can take all your money, your lands, any hour. 

I’m the king thanks to God! I have absolute power!’ 

Absolute power! 

Absolute power! 

King John believed he had absolute power! 

The barons rebelled to prove they had might. 

Without their support the king could not fight. 

Absolute power just wasn’t a starter. 

The king had to bow to Magna Carta. 

Bow to the charter! 

The barons’ great charter! 

The king had to bow to Magna Carta! 

15th June 1215: Magna Carta signed