Imported Peas: Cuddly Little Panda

7 06 2008

Pandas PosingA couple of weeks ago, there was an earthquake in China. I’m not here to talk about that, we all know what happened.

A couple of days ago i heard an item on the TV news. This is pretty much was the presenter said:

“At last some good news for the area of China affected by the earthquake.”

So i thought, oh that’s nice, something good has happened. I wasn’t sure what it would be that could make all those people feel any better, but i trusted WIN news that it wouldn’t be something lame.

It was a panda being rescued. Yup, a little panda being rescued is going to make all those people who have lost family feel so much better. I can just imagine the smiles that little item of good news put ont he faces of those Chinese.

Can’t you?


alyssa of pea