meet the pea:

~ eric ~

Eric is the most amazing person in the entire universe. Everything about him is perfect! He’s charming, handsome, intelligent, strong, romantic, funny…everything you want in a guy. It’s impossible not to fall in love with him! Once you lay eyes on him, you will know from that very moment that you will never stop loving him. From urbandictionary.com

~ alyssa ~

Alyssa is a rare breed of blue mongoose. It is known to be very agressive and attack you for no reason, usually going for the nose. Many people are walking around without noses because of the dreaded blue mongoose Alyssa

~ paul ~

Paul had not been forgotten, he just “ran out of time” to tell you who he is. So really, he could be Paul, writer of the majority of the New Testament; Paul McCartney, famous rocker; Paul Hewson, alias Bono, also famous rocker or Paul Cézanne, artist. However i will save you the pain of hope and tell you that Paul is not famous, he is just the president.

4 responses

10 06 2008
we do what we must becauses we can

not sure i agree with the definition of “eric”
“alyssa,” however, is a bit more accurate.
paul isn’t even worth a mention???

14 06 2008

hmmm nice editing. I’m assuming this was paul? haha

14 06 2008

you assumed correctly.
thank you

15 11 2008

So everyone that’s ever laid eyes on eric loves him…..that could cause some problems
im just saying…

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