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23 05 2009

Yesterday, 9000 people were evacuated from Grafton due to floods. Yesterday, the same number of people died from malaria.

In the past 60 days, 80 people have died from the swine flu. In those very same days, 6 000 000 people have died from hunger. That’s 75 000 for each swine flu death. It’s also over one quarter of the population of Australia. 960 000 of those deaths were innocent children.

On Wednesday, a petrol station in Sydney lowered petrol prices to 41.8c for one hour. That same day, 100 people died in a plane crash in Indonesia. They were pushed three ad-breaks later.

While you’ve been reading this, just in our own country 100 000 people are living on the streets.

While you’ve been reading this, 100 babies were killed in abortions.

While you’ve been reading this, 250 babies were born. 125 of those were born into poverty. Of those 125, about 25 will not live to see their 5th birthday.

This is a grim world. Much more sordid than the news wants to tell you. Our world is not just tainted, but ruined, by sin. Tonight, in excess of 200 children will be stolen from their homes, their parents may well be killed, and they will be de-humanised and turned into combat fighting machines. Some of them may be as little as 3 years old.

Amidst all of this, however, there is hope. You see, God, the maker and ruler of what was once a perfect and spotless universe, became man. Not for fun, not to see what it was like. No, He did it for me. He did it for you. Why? So that he could die.

It seems odd, and certainly not common. That’s because it’s not. Jesus was the only perfect man to ever live. He was flogged, beaten, mocked and ultimately crucified and murdered, suffering to wrath of God so that you don’t have to. And what have you done to deserve it? Nothing! But God is gracious, and to all who trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus comes salvation and forgiveness of all that we have done. This salvation is open to all; to the hungry, the rich, the poor, the child soldiers, the murderers and the average joes.

Of course, there is one thing missing here. It seems above that Jesus is still dead. ‘What use is a dead God?!’ i hear you asking. The good news, however, is that after 3 days, Jesus was raised to life. He appeared to more than 500 people, and now sits in heaven with God! Through His death and resurrection alone can I be saved from my sin. Through His death and resurrection alone can swine flu victims be truly saved. Through His death and resurrection alone can Barack Obama be saved. Through his death and resurrection alone can the starving find forgiveness. And through his death and resurrection alone can you find forgiveness. Now that, if you ask me, is real news.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him!”

Romans 5:8-9





2 responses

31 05 2009

I agree. This world is a bit crazy. Where did you get these statistics from?

10 07 2009

Valid. It is very interesting yet sad to see how extreme poverty and death in third world countries is not portrayed as important to us living in first world even though we have the ability to do something about it.
Shows how sinful the world is.
Btw where did u get the stats from?

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