Evolving Theories and “God” Figures

12 02 2009

I subscribe to a daily email called “A Word A Day.” Yes, quite a nerdy thing for a 17 year old to do but, i am that. Now, about a week or so ago I recieved the first for the week, which usually describes what the theme for the words that week are and how he arrived there. This particular week’s theme was Words from Darwin and Linlcoln because its both of their 200th birthdays this year, or something like that. So the dude running the emails says, “you’d think 200 years would be enough time for people to accept the evidence that evolution is true,” and I thought ouch!Because I don’t believe in evolution, and I know like, tonnes of people who don’t. It was really, i think, quite insensitive of him (who I’d learned to respect). And then I thought (too late to send an angry email back about it) that I should have replied with something like, “well you know what, people thought there was evidence to believe that the earth was flat and then, when that was disproven, that it was still the center of the universe.” And then he would have probably got angry at me, but it’s true! Scientific theories are just that, (ERIC WAS HERE ON HIS IPOD =P) despite the fact that I’ve heard many say that a scientific “theory” is as good as a scientific law but can’t be proven. People who claim that evolution is 100% true, have no doubts and are absolutely scathing to any other beliefs are, i think, arrogant in that they think they know enough to say what’s been happening on the world for at least 6000 years when you just can’t know. And now people will say, ah but you christians, you’re 100% certain that you know where we came from and i would say that it’s because we have a God figure we believe knows everything and has told us what we need to know (creation being one of those things) so we can be 100% certain of creation. What I don’t like is people who don’t believe in a god elevating themselves to the status of one by thinking they know all possibilities and narrowing it down to one they’re certain of. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but that’s me. Personally, I won’t put absolute trust in scientific theories (even laws depending on which one it is) because there ahve been so many that have been disproven over the years that we just can’t know. Flat earth, geocnentricism, plum pudding atoms and more I can’t think of right now. So yes. That’s my thoughts, deal with them.

Alyssa – condemner of society




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12 02 2009

i very much agree.
you should come to bio at the moment, join myself and aaron in bagging out evolutionists and evolution every period. however, studying it is really good, because you can see what they believe and are well poised to rebut it. and its full of holes.
AND did you know they STILL put comparative embryology in the syllabus?!!!! WHAT?!!! even though it’s all totally fake?!
mr best in fact told me they did a survey a few years back and discovered ALOT of uni students believed in a creator God, and so that was when they started emphasising evolution in yr11/12 course. silly board of studies bunch of leftist hippies. lol.
anyway, thats my short response/ total agreement. the long one would bore.

12 02 2009

hey we don’t have to approve our own comments!
and i put your sign off in bold dude, it looks fulli sik. well, fits in with the others. haha. makes it… well… belong?

12 02 2009

Interesting fact:
It’s also the 500th birthday of John Calvin this year.
Take that Darwin. Calvin’s ‘theories’ have been around alot longer, and still havent been believed as fact by many – so why should we be expected to believe Darwin’s?

20 02 2009

Also, as a matter of note, it’s Felix Mendelssohn’s 200th birthday this year too! It seems this year is a year of the bigs’ representatives.
U.S Representation: Lincoln
Scientific Representation: Darwin
Protestant Representation: Calvin
Musical Representation: Mendelssohn
My goodness what a year.

2 03 2009

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2 03 2009

Hey, thanks mate!

2 03 2009

hey thanks!
i get really excited when people we don’t know read our blog =)

23 04 2009

i would say just how much i agree, but i’d sound like an echo.

re eric up the top: we loooked at comparative embryology in yr10, and laughed at the fact that they were still feeding us this crap then.

23 04 2009

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles about anything but (huge breath, next bit said very quickly) it could possibly be a lot mroe accurate to say we totally don’t like *darwinian* evolution, because there wasa ctually evolution before dawrin and quite a few fundamentalist christians at the beginning of the 20th century thought evolution was viable BUT NOT Darwin’s god-less theory that relied on natural selection. (By the bby i typed that really quickly too). Any questions abnout my knew tolerance of theistic evolution (but not belief in) ask to borrow a book i have entitled “The Myths of Science” IT troubled me and i realised i need to read about the other theories of evolution. Right? Don’t yell at me online please, talk to me in person. haahah

23 04 2009

yea, i know what you’re saying. i do bio =P
haha, but evolution by natural selection cannot really work when evolution requires death, but death came as a result of sin. In all honesty, the bible says 7 days. i believe it, other don’t. Either way, God has put us here, and we’ve screwed up. but Jesus is pretty cool huh?

23 04 2009

alyssa, what happened to your pic?! =O
you’re green!

23 04 2009

I dunno… Sometimes it’s hard to tell if we are interpreting the bible through our ‘science’, or interpreting science through the bible.
I’d like to know if many people were saying “it’s not literal days” before all these theories.
But then again, we can’t ignore obvious facts.
I kind of am talking around you all and your bio-knowledge, but just saying it’s difficult. I’m glad it’s not a primary issue of our faith – Jesus has it sorted, that’s all I really needs (but then again, i think thinking about these issues and wrestling with them is important)

Wow.. so many disclaimers. But then again…

Oh, and by the way, sorry to burst another proverbial bubble, but I think ‘Mike’ may be a spammer.

23 04 2009

But….we do have good content

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