Do we need saving from our savings?

15 07 2008

No matter where i go, i can’t help but see the un-contentness (my new word) of so many people. I have several examples of such inability to be content, and why free givaways can instantly bring ‘contenment’ (which is in ” because i question if one is really fulfilled).

1) The cervical cancer vaccine. Ok, so look, im not attacking anyone, each of us has a right to our decisions, and i respect that. However, if ones reasons behind not getting the vaccination were it ‘not being worth it’ (and no, that was not my reason!), i still respect that, but also have my views. This vaccine was scientifically proven and tested, approved by the Australian government, and tested on thousands of innocent Africans. Finally it was FREE, and this final measure was what awakened me…

2) In order to keep people content, they need MONEY. How do they save? Why, through free stuff. The vaccine was free, and a common add proves my point. A workplace lawyer advertisement is claiming that for starters, you recieve a free consultation. Second, if you lose your case, you don’t pay. This add will no doubt prove effective. This is because people will go to them, because they can be content! It’s FREE!!!!!

So, why do people want to save money? The simple answer is that it saves work. So, through some crazy arrangement of my thoughts, i have figured the following: In order to be content, you need to be able to be lazy and do what you wish. Of course this sounds appealing to all, but will it ever really, truly, bring complete fullfilment? Well, i certainly hope not.

disclaimer: Please please please don’t attack me for my views on the cervical cancer vaccine. I understand people who are uncertain when rumours go around about it. I was merely trying to explain the effects of something being free, and how, really, it would be quite silly to take the vaccine for the sole purpose of saving money.


Eric, poor organiser of thoughts (I might fix this up post a little later…)




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16 07 2008

Sorry to say this,i didn’t really understand your pooorly organised thoughts.
How sad, its been a month since the last post! we’ve exised for a month?? Wow….

16 07 2008
we do what we must cos there's no one to stop us!!!

everything free is not necessarily good, free stuff can be very detrimental to your health.

you don’t have to pay a cent to play around with aperture science’s handheld portal device, as long as it’s in the aperture science testing environment.

i should add that the people who test the portal device are actually referred to as “test subjects” as opposed to “testers”

anyway u die at the end of the test, so it’s not that important that it’s free.

buy portal from EB and play it, its good fun.

comes with a free disc case!

16 07 2008


y’all should understand. but ya don’t. woot.


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