A post is coming

15 07 2008

be excited.

Oh i am. But from who? Cos you know i’m totally ruled out. You could still post eric. Paul’s having a hard time thinking. haha




4 responses

16 07 2008

You know you sound like you’re talking to yourself in this post. Well it would if you had umm wirtten your name a the end. Just to clear it up though it was Eric in the first line and me in the second. yup
PLease what is with this “1” category? did you accidentallly make it?

16 07 2008

For starters, i didn’t post this. I made this as a draft, so i’d say it times out and auto posts.
The category 1 must be the default for no category, coz it did it in my free stuff one too.

19 07 2008

oops… sorry guys
i saw eric’s draft there and though he’d forgot to publish it, so i did it for him.
lol sorry about that.
but news: i have a post or two coming
thank you patient readers.
if any exist

20 07 2008
{} portal gun 4 birthday! {}

paul’s rite; “if any exist”

im a reader

but i wouldn’t call myself patient

mind you, paul never did update his own blog much, so its not realy surprising


look it up.

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