Madam McCann

18 06 2008

As i was emptying the dishwasher this morning, i overheard the news on the today show (the Australian Today show). Anyway, point is, apparently Madeline McCann’s parents are going to the Euro parliament to lobby(?) it, to continue an investigation? Well it was something like that. Now this is a sad story. Small child goes missing, never turns up, i don’t care how you analyse me and who really “did” it, a missing child is always sad.

And here’s my problem. My issue is not that this is not worthy of notice, its why this girl’s case is worth more notice than every other child that goes missing, or dies.

And I’ll say here and now that no, we cannot realistically pay such attention to all those cases, but then, why does Madeline McCann get more publicity? And why does she have to become some sort of sick celebrity? I just want to know why she gets special attention when there are loads of people missing. Did the ordinary course of action not hold enough hope for the parents? Everyone else has to put up with it. Or was it a ploy to pull attention from them (which didn’t work…).

Anyway, just expressing my frustration at an unfair world, which i have to put up with ’cause it’s never going to change.





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