Society’s Infatuation with Carbon

16 06 2008

I am sick to death of everything coming back to carbon.

You could be having a perfectly ordinary conversation about … nothing, when all of a sudden the conversation has taken a nasty turn and you find yourself discussing the ugly relationship between carbon and global temperatures, which is all a load of claptrap anyway.

But I’m not going to plague you with my views on that. If you know me at all you know you don’t want to get me started on that anyway. I’m just so sick of two words: carbon emissions, and all the importance that they play in social and political discussions when other much more important elements(due to the fact that they are not scientific fiction endorsed by un-climatologists) are ignored entirely, not even spoken of ever!

Carbon makes the ridiculously high petrol prices a good thing according to an opinion in the SMH today, because it cuts down on individuals driving everywhere and releasing that evil element into our beloved atmosphere (which has been coping with the constant amount of carbon in the world quite well for many years). Yeah, who cares about the reasons they’re going up, and all the people affected by it as long as the greater good is maintained in the world.

Carbon makes the number of hours learners have to do look like an even greater evil than it really is because apparently we’re KILLING the world every time we stall. Sure it’s a lot of time (and if its going to be an evil, at least focus of the somewhat believable argument of being deprived of precious family time, which is full of holes anyway), but that’s it. That’s the worst thing about 120 hours of learning to drive. Oh and the inevitable lying that people will stoop to when desperate.

Carbon means that the only reason we should come up with alternative power generators is because the earth will explode if we don’t, not because, you know, we might run out of fossil fuel soon and be stuck with a lack of electricity in a world entirely reliant on electron movement.

Carbon means that because cows are a source of carbon, we should all become vegans and quit eating meat. This, i have to say, is the worst argument i have ever heard in my entire life, and after i saw the ad that said pretty much exactly that i just sat there for  five minutes saying “that’s the worst ad ever . . . they do realise that then there will be even more cows and thus more carbon . . . that’s the worst ad Ive ever seen in my life . . . how stupid are they . . . we’re meant  to eat cows” and you can imagine whatever else.

Please get over carbon! I’m sick of being taught of its evils in school, I’m sick of hearing it twisted and manipulated to promote lifestyles and I’m sick of it over shadowing every other real issue that exists in the world.

I think if i hear the words carbon emissions one more time might catastrophically heat up and explode.





3 responses

27 06 2008

Just to add one further, little complaint, now the government is goign to tax us for our own personal carbon emmissions!
Well they really want to.
In effect.
So yes, poo poo kevin rudd poo poo

29 06 2008

wow, a female used the word poo, and not only that, in abundance!
if they have a problem with carbon emmisions, they can pay for it!!
i REFUSE to pay for any i may cause. deal with it kevin.
maybe you could pass it onto him next time you two are out somewhere? =P

15 07 2008
thecakeisaREALITY AS OF TODAY!!!

yeah, he could at least acknowledge all the evidence that NOTHING IS WRONG and look at what really will be gained from this; Alan khoeler pretty much said that this emissions trading scheme will cripple the economy.

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