Laughable or Cringe-worthy?

12 06 2008

I was thinking last night on the issue of “funny.” (If you click here you’ll see why). You see, the world seems to have developed a very bad sense of what actually accounts as funny.
You’ll have to know that in this day and age a lot of comedy shows, or well just funny things in general are either:

a) Offensive Jokes
b) Sexual Jokes
c) Derogatory

Now I’ll say that i laugh at derogatory and offensive jokes sometimes (depending ont he extent to which they are offensive – and who to) but when you think about it, they’re not really funny (except among friends, when made in jest – but even then, funnier things have been said). Why are we incapable of making a joke that isn’t one of the above? Society seems to be abundantly littered with jokes ful of inuendo or offensive remarks. I just appreciate humour that is not so much more, but such it seems to be very scarce nowadays.
Now i feel like i should find an example of humour i enjoy…Let me make myself clear that i don’t just mean jokes, i mean stuff that’s funny in general. It’s just easier to say joke. So anyway, i have three examples of funny sutff that isn’t a,b, or c.

1. Not-actually-very-clever-but-still-funny
Click here for the oen that was going to be the second one – Wollongong on Uncyclopedia (couldn’t find the first example sadly). I wish to give you an excerpt:

“Woooolllongbongongoncatgonggonggogogogogong” is a name of Old Albanian origin which roughly translates to “this place is sort of nice, but it could really use a whopping big factory of some sort right about here”. The name “Wollongongong” should not be confused with the similarly named “Paris”.

Found the first example, its here.

2. Just funny – not spectacularly witty but clever but witty all the same.
The square root of 9 is 3, except on Tuesdays where its a little closer to 2.999.

Stuff like that…i find amusing because of who i am

3. The actually-very-clever-funny
Of which I’m unable to find an example. Sorry. It does exist!

I’m having trouble classifying most of the stuff i find funny actually, so i’ve got this, Johnny English, Fry and Laurie (just like all of it), people who are just plain funny, Yes Minister  and yeah whatever.
Having turned into a rambling post i am going to wrap this up now.
But the bottom line is, i think its just a lot easier to make derogatory, offensive or sexual jokes – it takes real wit to crack a joke that’s clever and clean.

 Alyssa, hypocritical condemner of society




5 responses

12 06 2008

All too true

‘joke’ number 2 is hilarious

go slightly nerdy humour!

rather ‘humerus’ HA

anyway, i find it hard to think highly of people who can’t move away from sexual humour or derogatory humour, for many reasons.


later dude

12 06 2008

These days, lots of people think they’re funny – when they’re not – they’re stupid. lol
Real humour requires real intelligence, wit, and observational skills – skills blessed to only a few. It takes time also to develop those skills.
We expect a lot more people to be funny than really are, and under-appreciate the skills of the truly humorous.

15 06 2008

SOOOOOO true. Actually, for a interview thing (that hopefully I’ll get into), one of the hundreds of questions (to look at your personality, etc) usually asked is, ‘what was the funniest moment in your life’. Daaaamn. i seriously don’t know. I laugh at everything. But not one of the conservative middle-aged professionals on the panel will be impressed if I start telling them about some of the ‘in jokes’ I have with friends. Oh dear. I am truly stumped.

15 06 2008

Sorry. I don’t get number 2? Enlighten me plz?

28 04 2009

I’ll get me a wrap combo!

bet you just chuckled. 😛

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