Imported Peas: Cuddly Little Panda

7 06 2008

Pandas PosingA couple of weeks ago, there was an earthquake in China. I’m not here to talk about that, we all know what happened.

A couple of days ago i heard an item on the TV news. This is pretty much was the presenter said:

“At last some good news for the area of China affected by the earthquake.”

So i thought, oh that’s nice, something good has happened. I wasn’t sure what it would be that could make all those people feel any better, but i trusted WIN news that it wouldn’t be something lame.

It was a panda being rescued. Yup, a little panda being rescued is going to make all those people who have lost family feel so much better. I can just imagine the smiles that little item of good news put ont he faces of those Chinese.

Can’t you?


alyssa of pea




7 responses

10 06 2008
we do what we musst bcos we can


i have to admit that i often have similar (albeit somewhat more vicious) thoughts when i hear such stories

19 06 2008

The pleasant story at the end of the news has one aim:
To stop every viewer from becoming clinically depressed

Sorry that they’re keeping you out of the mental institution

I actually agree with you….but i just wanted to contradict you…its what i do

19 07 2008

This post has had 1,401 views!
that’s crazy
people must really like pandas

21 07 2008

thankyou for this post. it seems our blog is thriving because of your stealing of the above image. pretty goof

21 07 2008

yeah, that’s our new tactic guys. Mind you, it doesn’t mean people actually read it. It means that they click on the image in google, end up here and either steal the image form here or click “view full size image” ad steal it form there. poor site i stole it form, im takign all their hits!

6 12 2008
brenda gutierrez

mi animal favorito es el panda

7 12 2008

i dont speaka spanish, but im gonna take a crack that the panda is your favourite animal. good stuff, it’s alyssa’s too =P

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